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          Vsk Local Net Dedicated Servers

            HG Steam Server       :     ONLINE


         Vsk5Offline Server 1    :     ONLINE   


         Vsk5Offline Server 2    :     OFFLINE   


            HG VLAN Server        :     ONLINE


  For more detailed information API keys are now available for our servers!



Welcome to VskLocalNet!


Enjoy the freedom, ease of use, reliability and increased connection speeds hosting Vsk5 regattas using our virtual local area networks!

Stay up to date with the latest sailing simulators,... Hydrofoil Generation and AC Sailing!

There is a lot here for the virtual sailing enthusiast so jump aboard and take advantage of what we have to offer!


You can also visit our new website Hydrofoil Telemetry / HG Tools to checkout our latest mods and apps for Hydrofoil Generation!


Register now for our upcoming events!

Click on the images to view and submit your registration forms,...

Checkout our LIVE in game spectator cam!

Overall public Steam network server stats for Hydrofoil Generation,...

Join the racing on our "" hybrid VLAN servers on both the Steam network in Internet mode or in LAN mode with Radmin VPN!

Need help?

Find information regarding HG servers, game mods, game play, custom skins and much more!

Visit our HG Tools pages,...

HG Tools


HG Tools is available en Espanol

HG Tools PDF En Espanol



Custom race telemetry utilities to provide players with real time in game analytics for performance review and training,...

Download our custom HG Tools skin for the Jx50,...

Click on the image below and your download will start immediately. Run the HGToolsJx50.exe file to auto install the skin into your HG game files,...

Or you can manually install the HG Tools skin by downloading the file.

Download the file, unzip and place the HG Tools skin folder in the following directory,...

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hydrofoil Generation\content\boats\jx50\skins

Custom Jx40 & Jx50 skins are now available for Hydrofoil Generation!

Checkout two classic emulated wood skins below,...




For information about creating custom skins for HG visit HERE

We have many more custom skins available in our HG Skins Gallery

Check your connection speed,...

Control your gaming PC from anywhere with any device and experience 4K UHD HDR video!

Friends can join you on the same game screen for co-op mode!

Works with Vsk5 or any other application on your machine!

Provided by

Create a Steam account and upload Vsk5 to your Steam library. Then use Steam Link to access Vsk5 from any device on your network, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux and more! Share your Steam library with friends and family!

Download Vsk5Offline by clicking on the banner below,...

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Join our Discord server,...


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Radmin VPN  is the perfect VLAN solution for PC gamers.

It’s fast, free, secure, very easy to setup and works flawlessly with the LAN multiplayer option built into both Vsk5 and Hydrofoil Generation.


You can download it from their website and use it 100% free of charge with unlimited player connections, automatic updating and no down time.


Radmin VPN is better and safer than a traditional VPN because it is a new generation "VLAN" or "virtual local area network" application that works perfectly for gamers with security in mind.

Immediately start enjoying some of the many benefits of using Radmin VPN with Virtual Skipper 5,…

Unlimited player connections with virtually no lag and speeds of 100mbps allowing for hosting of very large fleet races of 40 boats or more!

No need for locator files to see player skins instantly with super fast upload and download of data from player to player, not into your cache which slows your connection speed down.

Enjoy the freedom to host your own regattas without configuring a router or port forwarding. There is no extra configuration needed at all. Radmin VPN does it all for you.

You can even host when using your home or public WIFI connection or being restricted by your internet service provider’s firewall. No networking skills required, just plug and play! You can host regattas anywhere at any time using any internet connection available.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3,…

Download Radmin VPN, create or join an existing network and connect with other virtual sailors through the Local Network option in the Multiplayer menu of Virtual Skipper 5,…

Take The Pirates Cove shark challenge!

Take a break from racing and cruise around Pirates Cove to see if you can spot the elusive hammerhead shark lurking among the many shipwrecks!


Send us a screenshot of the shark along with your Vsk5 boat name to win a custom rendered Vsk5 Intro video with audio & video of your choice!


Download and installation of the associated 3D figures is required.


The custom Pirates Cove Shark Challenge Map is continuously hosted by our fully operational MegaHost on our virtual local networks so you can join in at any time at your convenience!


Good luck!


Find more fun challenges here,...

 Challenges ( 

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